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Quality winning seeds

A new range of superior and special seeds. Black label: high quality for a good price.

  Powerful Indica with a fruity taste. The buds turn blue during the harvesting period. This favourite hybrid has a neutral smell and a high yield. - Blue Berries (Black Label)
  Hollands Hope was developed in Holland and is ideal for outdoor growers in a cool climate. It’s resistant to fungus and perfect for beginners. It provides a strong high. - Hollands Hope (Black Label)
  These world famous seeds are a must for every serious grower. A multiple cup winner. Very high T.H.C. level. Irresistibly good weed! - Jack Herer (Black Label)
  This Hindu Kush / Skunk Hybrid is classic, and loved everywhere. It’s a very strong plant and heavy producer in soil and hydro - Master Kush (Black Label)
  This is one of the strongest Haze varieties. A strong and sticky Sativa plant with an incredibly intense high. Often used for medical purposes. - Neville's Haze (Black Label)
  Olé 47 was created in the Seventies. It’s a popular Indica/Sativa hybrid that finishes blooming early given good conditions. It has a very strong high, with a surprisingly mild taste. - Ole 47 (Black Label)
  This was the overall winner of the Highlife Cup and High Times Cup in 1999. Our most powerful Indica, producing a deep and delightful aroma. Extremely resin-rich Indica. - Sensi Star (Black Label)
  This legend appears in all coffee shops. It’s the first 'White' strain and it grows very tall. This is a high quality plant and a big prize winner! - White Widow (Black Label)
  A brand new bio sensation for the cannabis grower developed by Homegardener. This coir sprout pad ensures the best balance between water retention and air porosity. - Sprout pad
  Greasy resin glands rise above this plant's large leaves. This plant has a high flower to leaf ratio and a good yield. Grows easily, very suitable for beginners. - Afghan (Nirvana)
  One of the strongest early finishing strains available. Produces hard buds and an exceptionally strong aroma. Especially suitable for indoor growing. - AK48 (Azarius seeds)
  Big bud is an all time classic. This strain is developed for maximum yield: wait until you see its amazingly big flowers! Very suitable for first time growers. - Big Bud (Azarius seeds)>>
  K2 is among the best choices for the sea of green method; plants are compact and they mature rapidly at indoor locations. Yields can be very generous. - K2 (Azarius seeds) >>
  Power Plant seeds are feminized, which means that all plants will be female. Indoors or in a greenhouse it has an enormous grow potential, giving a very large yield of buds that contain approximately 15% THC. - Power Plant (Azarius seeds) feminized
  This strain is named after Shiva, Hindu god of transformation. Shiva has genetics from India giving it a pungent Eastern spicy aroma. Shiva is a bushy plant with good yield and quality. - Shiva (Azarius seeds) >>

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